Opportunities for patients to participate in research

Through support from generous donors, the Department of Pediatrics at Washington University and the St. Louis Children’s Hospital Foundation we are able to provide a number of research opportunities for our patients. Patients and their families have the opportunities to enroll in studies focused on identifying genetic causes of their disease, a better understanding of immune deficiencies including newborn screening, as well as clinical trials for the treatment of primary immunodeficiency including serving as a center for the Primary Immune Deficiency Treatment Consortium. We have a dedicated research team that can discuss these opportunities with you at your clinic visit.

Our Jeffrey Modell Diagnostic and Research Center for Primary Immunodeficiencies at St. Louis Children’s Hospital

We are proud to be a designated Jeffrey Modell Diagnostic and Research Center for Primary Immunodeficiencies. Led by Washington University physician Megan Cooper, MD, PhD, this center provides resources to investigate the genetic causes of pediatric immunodeficiencies and educate our patients and local physicians.

Recent research discoveries

Some recent highlights from our group:

INFILTR8: Rare Disease Attacks a Child’s Immune System (Links to an external site)

It seems unthinkable, but doctors are still faced with treating diseases that they have never seen before. So rare, that many times they go undiagnosed, misdiagnosed, and mismanaged for years. Another one of these diseases that attacks children, especially boys, has been discovered. And now researchers worldwide are working together to find innovative ways to […]

Supporting physician-scientists

Working with physicians and scientists at Washington University School of Medicine, our students, residents and fellows have the opportunity to participate and lead cutting-edge research focused on the human immune system and primary immunodeficiency. Each year a fellow in the field of Immunology is honored with the David Gilstrap Award. David was an infant who was treated at St. Louis Children’s Hospital by the Washington University Immunology team more than 20 years ago. This generous award was established by David’s family to honor his memory, and as a way to advance our understanding of primary immunodeficiency.

David Gilstrap award winners

  • 2023 - Irem Eldem, MD
  • 2024 – Lance Peterson, MD, PhD
2001Fei F. Shih, MD, PhDRheumatology
2002Lara Danziger-Isakov, MDInfectious Diseases
2003William J. Grossman, MD, PhDHematology/Oncology
2004James W. Verbsky, MD, PhDRheumatology
2005Ben Thatayatikom, MDRheumatology
2006Celeste Morley, MD, PhDInfectious Diseases
2007Megan A. Cooper, MD, PhDRheumatology
2008Jeffrey J. Bednarski, MD, PhDHematology/Oncology
2009Laura Schuettpelz, MD, PhDHematology/Oncology
2010Bradley Ornstein, MDRheumatology/Infectious Diseases
2011Sydney A. Leibel, MDAllergy
2012Alexander Ngwube, MDHematology/Oncology
2013Maleewan Kitcharoensakkul, MDRheumatology/Allergy
2014Angela Herman, MDHematology/Oncology
2015Tiphanie Vogel, MD, PhDRheumatology
2016Ashley Steed, MD, PhDCritical Care
2017Sima Bhatt, MDHematology/Oncology
2018Aaron Ver Heul, MD, PhDAllergy
2019Erica G. Schmitt, MD, PhDRheumatology
2020Julia Warren, MD, PhDHematology/Oncology
2021Tarin Bigley, MD, PhDRheumatology
2022Elizaveta Kalaidina, MDAllergy
2023Irem Eldem, MDHematology/Oncology
2024Lance Peterson, MD, PhDRheumatology